Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentinesday^o^

Today I made brownies for my mum for Valentinesday. =3
I made them while she was shopping. I had to call my dad to ask how the oven worked>.<"
Well, now I know! ^0^
Here it was in the oven:

You can see that my camera is 
I got it for my 12th birthday^^
You can't really see my nails, but I'll tell the story anyway:P
yesterdday(actually today) I had a sleepover with 
5 other girls at my friends house and after watching 2 movies and it was almost 1 AM, we were paiting each others nails^o^ You couldn't really see what colour was wichx] My nails are actually pink while back then it looked orange-ish=3 

Now! Transform Brownie Cake!!! ~

mum said she loved it<33 
And it was delicious<33

Oh! and the noodles were yummy too^o^
But soon it was like this T.T 

Now, I'll go to sleep ^^ See you tomorrow! ~ Then I'll tell some things about last week ^^
Oyasumi Nasaii~
- Pearl

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